Here are some recent emails we received from Hansa customers:

Hi guys,

I have used the chipper on several different jobs now. It starts first time, every time! Definitely, by far, the best machine I have ever used. I love the manoeuvrability yet sturdy build and fantastic power output. It is VERY fuel efficient - on light duties, the tank lasts a day! I have chipped anything from leaves and small plant matter right through to large branches and palm fronds. I am still yet to find something it can’t handle. I also find it very easy and efficient to chip into a tidy pile or into a wool sack for easy transportation. Overall, I think this machine is outstanding and I will always back the Hansa brand!


Hey there Martin,

I've been hammering this C27 and I'm just so impressed. It's robust and can handle all the jobs I chuck at it. Here's a couple of pics and a vid of just one of the many bigger jobs it's cleaned up. - usually I would have used a BC1000 but the swivel base and quietness of the machine is such a game changer that it's getting me more work in tricky sensitive areas.
I'm looking forward to seeing your stand at the fieldays.


Hi Hansa Team,

Man! am I impressed with your machine.  I have been looking at the Hansa Chipper for about a year after I got soooo frustrated with a Masport chipper Shredder that tried to slash or hammer the vegetation.  It continually got blocked and I had to stop and free the grill and then start again.  It took me bloody ages to get through a pile.

Over the weekend I pruned my guava and feijoa trees and had one of the biggest piles I have had in a long time. Flashed up the Hansa and within 15 minutes it was all done - fantastic!  Powerful, no stoppages, the best mulch ever.  Afterwards I opened the casing and just admired the blades in silence for about 5 minutes.  Poetry in motion.

I quibbled about the price for a long time.  I even delayed purchasing one until I went to the Field Days to see if I could get a bargain from your team? No ways,  you guys stuck to your guns.  Well, eventually I paid my $3,000.00 and after this weekend, I quibble no more.  Its the best thing ever - worth every cent.  I just want to cut everything down and feed it through the chipper - my wife had to reign me it.

I'll recommend you guys anywhere.


John Cole 

Hi again,

I thought I would drop you a note about the C60 we bought off you a short time ago.
150 trouble free hrs and so much quicker and smoother than the last model C60. The engine is not working as hard and through the heat of the summer ran noticeably cooler than the old model and uses a lot less diesel
The new 4 knife cutting system produces a better chip and also packs it into the truck a lot tighter.
Thanks for the extras, like central greasing, foam filled tyres [no spare wheel needed] safety yellow paint and oversize fuel tank. As usual, nothing was too much trouble.
As I write this, our new C40 should be entering production, the 6th Hansa chipper to enter our fleet. Only 1 old Bandit left to get rid of.

Thanks again.
Dennis Clements
Total Tree Care
Te Awamutu 

Hi Team, We have a large garden, about 3500 sq metres with a large number of mature trees etc etc and have been cutting and trimming constantly for the past seven years and have had enough of dragging branches to the fire pile and waiting for a burn permit. We finally decided to look at chippers so we could make use of the mulch, saving us money and time, we know people who had bought larger 12 or 15 Hp model chippers so after searching trademe for months and talking to owners and finding they were often very disappointed with their investment I decided to look at some video’s on Youtube.

After watching the “Hansa Chipper” intro and several demo clips I was hooked, Wow this machine seemed to have everything we needed, it was at that time my Scottish heritage was screaming at me, “ It’s twice the price of some other models and the engine is under half the power output” how can it be so good???

I watched the video clips over and over, and then a week or two later in our letterbox was a flyer with a Hansa C7 chipper on the cover in our town, I was on the phone straight away and soon after into town to see this beast in the flesh.

We talked to the shop owner who was very helpful and had all the answers we needed, he made no apology for the price and had all reasons why I should spend that amount on a “ Hansa”.

Well, we paid the man loaded it into the wagon and off home we went and placed the machine in the garage ready for work. That was on 28/02/2015,  My work commitments ment we haven’t had the machine in the garden until the first two weekends in May, the wait was worth it, WOW WOW what a GREAT machine, you know it’s true, “ You are Never Disappointed When You Buy Quality”.

We have had the chipper going about 10 hours now, it has performed beautifully. It’s easy to handle, it does an awesome job, we are very pleased with our Hansa Chipper. Thankyou for a great machine.

Al and Kay,

I feel compelled to write to add to the plaudits of our Hansa C13 chipper.

I recently added an hour meter and ran it constantly for 13hrs this weekend chipping the pine shelter belt trimmings.

It ran absolutely faultlessly.

It is was the perfect model choice for us.  We are on a lifestyle block with full pine shelter and approximately 500 mature walnut, fruit and native trees.

It was easily handling 65mm X 3.6m pine tree off cuts that were still fully branched.

This saved us loads of time in pre-trimming.

The C13 can handle two people feeding in.  It takes longer to pick the brush up and walk to the machine than it does for the machine to process it.

Admittedly there was slowdown of the disc on the really large pieces, but most people wouldn’t be chipping the size we were.  They would be burning it!

All in all we managed a month’s worth of clean up (evenings and weekends) in a day and a half.

And as an added bonus we now have about 5m3 of mulch, which will save us time in weed-killer once it is laid.

Kind regards,


I bought the C13 PTO chipper from Fosters Stihl Shop. Thanks for making such a superb, well built machine.

I have 15 acres of woodland on the edge of the Canterbury plains. The September gales ripped the tops out of many mature Oaks and flattened Willows and Firs.

So far the chipper has done about 20 hours, chipping the storm damaged tree brash, I just love it!

Now, I can cut the brash and chip it in situ, instead of having to cart the brash away and then burn it. 

My only regret is that I didn't buy it 5 years ago!!

Regards Paul


Hi Martin,
Thank you Martin, Michael and team for your assistance .

C7 HANSA Brush Chipper worked very well, effortlessly self-feeding the tree branches through the large hopper into the chipper blades. The adjustable deflector on the discharge chute enabled the mulch to be spread around the garden. The large hopper meant I did not have to use secateurs to break the branches down. The time of one hour to process this amount with previous chipper was reduced to ten minutes ! My wife was very pleased with the C7 processing.

Cheerfully yours, Dennis


I purchased a C4 to tackle this labour of hercules along with a good chainsaw. I have been amazed by the versatility and durability of your chipper. It handles wild briar, fejoa, plum, camelia and a lot more. 


Thank you for living up to expectations - a rare thing these days !



Hi Martin,

Just to confirm receipt of the chipper which arrived late Thursday in good condition.

We are Most impressed with its performance - Its a machine !!!
Chipping branches up to 100mm could not be easier - especially with the auto-feed and large entry guide.
The multidirectional,- non clogging outlet is great.

It makes short work of all our macrocarper prunings, that are not worth keeping for firewood.  The chipped material is excellent for around the farm - especially for those muddy tracks and paths,  mulch etc etc.

Unfortunately the weather today is a real shocker, otherwise we would be out again powering through more material.

We would like to thank you very much for all your help and reiterate our offer as a reference - should this be of assistance. We like to support great products - as well as helping potential customers to train their attention to the points that really matter.
We have done the research - have the practical experience and are pleased to pass on our knowledge.

Very Best Regards
Tony ..............

Dear Martin,


I should have got a chipper off you years ago! I bought one as you suggested from Fosters in Chch and brought it home to Franz Josef in my car. A good bit of ballast as there was a strong easterly wind that day.
Have spent a couple of happy days chewing a couple of totara that I had trimmed by the local lines co. Without the C6 it would have been a huge fire and a waste of good mulch. Raining today so the machine can have a rest. The machine performed great and the engineering is a credit to you.I was able to chew up 60mm totara branches and 50 mm green eucaliptus, although dry branches were a bit tougher, but they bur easy enough. Also zinged up lacebark prunings up to 60 mm or so.
Thanks again for a great machine, good to buy kiwi ingenuity to boot.
Julie Wolbers & Jonathan Crofton
Ribbonwood Retreat
Franz Josef

Good afternoon Martin,
Well i said i would be back for our next chipper and it was a very productive move.
The 6 inch Bandit has been semi retired to a hire and backup role and been replaced by your C60 series two 9 inch machine.
After comparing various 9 inch chippers in the market, the C60 won not only on price, but also on weight and function.
My staff say that if you can get it to the machine, it will chip it. The auto feed has the power to drag awkward shaped logs through with minimal preparation, saving large amounts of time chainsawing and double handling. Engine power is very good coupled with the auto feed and the operators now call it the stress free system.
Other machines out there in the 9 inch range were more than 1000 kgs heavier which makes manhandling on many jobs impossible. 2 men can move the chipper around and it wont sink into lawns like the others.
Build quality is again world class and back up service is immediate. Information is only a phone call away and parts are on the courier same day. No waiting for the next plane or container out of the States.
Our C30 has now done 650 hrs without fault and i am sure its new big brother will perform as well.
Thanks again for the design changes we asked for, every thing from wider tyres to tool box and heavy duty jockey wheel was done without fuss. A pleasure to deal with your company again.
Thanks again,
Dennis Clements
Operations Manager
Total Tree Care
Te Awamutu
0508 TREE QUOTE (0508 8733 78683)

 We chose the C9 PTO version after checking out a number of alternative machines for sale, new and used, including the Chinese-built options. There is no comparison in terms quality of manufacture and after -sales support between the Hansa and others we considered. It is quick and easy to connect to the tractor, and runs with a minimum of vibration, which is good considering the age of the Massey Ferguson. We use the chip to layer into our composting bins, along with horse manure and organic matter, producing great compost in less than 2 months. The C9 looks like it would happily run all day...but it only takes an hour or so to process the smaller branches when clearing a tree, and we can direct the outflow of chip straight into a trailer or onto the ground with the adjustable outflow chute. 

Waimate North



Good morning Hansa chippers team,

I felt it was important to express my satisfaction in your product and service. As you know my C30 machine will soon be reaching 150 hrs. The machine has been a delight to use, it has worked tirelessly every working day without any issues at all. Its design, functionality and efficiency has been more than we could ever ask for in 6’’ wood chipper. Something that I have always been impressed with is the level of service provided from you all at Hansa. If there is ever anything we need, you have been happy to help at the drop of a hat. Your willingness to improve the machines and customer service is always of maximum importance to you, You have been willing to listen to feedback and suggestions from us and other customers to improve what you do, that is a great and hugely important quality to have in any business, unfortunately we are not so lucky with other individuals in our industry!

Our C30 machine is an irreplaceable part of our business and team. We have no regrets in choosing you over your competitors and feel 100% confident we have chosen a superior product.

We look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with you and your products. My only complaint is… now I need a bigger one!!
We can look into that!

Many thanks.

Kind regards,
Chris Corfe
Marc Doyle Treework
0800 60 60 30

I used to have a small contracting business in Northland and a Hansa C-6 Chipper was one of my workhorses. It allowed me to work on small blocks and in people's back yards where the larger machines couldn't go. The performance and build impressed me, and it never gave me any grief.
A few years ago we moved to Canada. I have been looking all over the North American market for a similar chipper. I could not find one. A feature of the Hansa that I really appreciated is the single hopper. All the other chippers of similar horsepower and size have a separate chute for the leafy branches, and another one for the larger branches, requiring a lot of extra prep work. With the C-6 I can feed in whole small trees and bushes with up to 3" diameter trunks. I does an amazing job for such a small and portable unit!
After an unsuccessful search for a  similar unit in Canada, I ordered another C-6 from Martin and had it shipped. It arrived in perfect shape and has been working flawlessly. I think that I am not exaggerating when I say I have the best small brush chipper in Canada!

Stephen Hindrichs
Sooke, BC. Canada

Good afternoon,


I have to tell you that “Nipper the Chipper” is performing well above expectation, and has been greatly appreciated my myself and by my neighbours. We felled a row of Blue Gum that was about 40 metres long ( 14 yr old trees ) and she munched up all the smaller branches and cleaned up the paddock in a day. At the batch over on the coast where we go to get away from the constant earth tremors, we’ve had a ball cleaning up all sorts of shrubs and trees. The Nipper will be in residence there for the summer! Fantastic machine.



As an arborist having owned and operated many American made chippers in the past, when things went wrong with them I would either find myself either talking to guys who hadn't the faintest clue about the product that they were "agents" for or acted like having to provide information and parts in a timely fashion was like asking for a kidney donation. It cost me a fortune in downtime waiting on parts and a ton of money on shipping and overinflated prices.

To be able to ring you guys on a Monday about a problem with a long serving chipper you made 16 years ago and to get the parts MADE, delivered to me in wellington along with instructions on how they should be fitted by Wednesday is simply sensational.

I would hate to think how many hours that old chipper has done with its many full time user owners, but its performance and longevity is testament to your companies good work. We have had the new C30 chipper you built and customized for us for nearly 2 years now, and I am confident its going to last at least as long as the old machine, even though it chips 3 times as fast!

After spending hours feeding vermeers, brush bandits, morbarks, gravelys, mitts merrils and red roos, I have to say I think you make simply the best performing and value for money 6 inch chippers on the market.

Keep up the great work,
Tim McPherson
Natural Balance

Hi Martin

The chipper arrived today thankyou. What a was a whole lot more than I expected it to be both in size and performance. I can't get over the short work this machine is making of everything I'm feeding it.

Graham Williams

Hi Martin

Thank you for this excellent machine. I've done about seven hours during this weekend and produced several m3 of chip.

One thing is for sure, this machine is giving me one hell of a workout. The chipper unstoppable and I'm knacked.

Again, thank you very much for this fantastic chipper.

Many regards,
Frits Schouten

Dear Martin

I just thought I would drop you a quick line regarding our Hansa C30 Chipper that we purchased over a year ago. This is the best chipper for its size, initial purchase price, weight, day to day running cost, that we have ever used- bar none. The back up service has been fantastic and any problems which have been very small, have been put right quickly without the need for huge down time or loss of income.

The cutting system is simple, the horsepower although lower than competitors is exactly matched to what the chipper is capable of processing. This is a well thought out and designed machine. You listened to what we need from a machine for what we do as an Arboricultural contractor- then produced it.

You've made a terrific contribution to our business and our customers. We look forward to continued business for years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Soutar
ISA Certified Arborist
NZ Hort Level 4
Short Back n Sides Ltd
Waihi Beach

C9 Chipper was delivered today in top condition - well packed.  Assembled fine, and started without any problems.

I have to say I am more than highly impressed with the standard of construction and engineering.  The intention was to purchase a machine that was built to do the job properly without stuff breaking, and it looks like we have more than succeeded!

It is really encouraging that such can be built in this country.  I really hope that enough people realise what you are about for you to withstand any threat from any overseas production of marginal equipment.  Strength to your arm!

Kind regards

Hello Martin

WOW!!! It really worked just like the video!!  What a dream to use.
We really did think your little vid.clip would be like a Tui ad-“yeah, right!”
We had a great weekend chipping away.  Alan could hardly keep up with me. He was chainsawing, I was having fun.

Thanks again

We had an old Rover chipper/shredder that we purchased some 15 years ago as an ex-hire machine. So it had seen some tough living previously but it worked well for us both in Wellington initially and then in Waikanae where we acquired an acre section.  The beauty of it was its simplicity – a simple chute down which everything went and an exit chute on to which you could fasten a sack and fill it.  

Its problems were that it didn't like anything that was stringy which it proceeded to wrap round the blade and was the very devil to get off again, its short inlet chute which meant that it shot pieces out with gay abandon meaning that, on occasion, you came back from a morning's mulching looking like you had been through four rounds with David Tua and that you had to feed every piece in carefully and if the wood was dry/hard it juddered madly and sought to take your arm off.  The engine eventually died on us so we wre left to contemplate what was on the market.

We came up with six options – a Masport, a Rover, a Cox, a new one largely available only on TradeMe, and an Australian one and the Hansa – which we had never seen. All of those available, except the Hansa, had two separate systems with paddles and a separate chipper.  

We discovered that a friend had the Australian one which had been earlier recommended by a dealer because it was stronger that the Rover and Masport combination in that it drove directly off the motor rather than through a belt and it had a shoot to get rid of the mulch – rather than simply delivering it on the ground under the machine as per the Masport and the new one ( which seems a singularly silly place to put it if you are doing any quantity of mulching).  We borrowed one from a friend and tried it – it was good but it suffered from the same defect as all the others.  The separate chipper is down a tube, the tube is kept narrow so that you don't try and put too large a piece of wood in it, and as a result every piece of wood that you try to put through it has to have all its side branches trimmed off right down to the main piece or it wont go through – frustrating is the word.  

In our search for a chipper we visited one dealer who had a Rover and he noted that it was okay, but if you really wanted one to last a lifetime and one that was the ‘Rolls Royce' of chippers in its engineering and design, then the Hansa was the one. It has the advantage of a single chute that will take wood to a good thickness without difficulty, and it shoots the resulting mulch out to the side.  So despite the quite considerable price differential between the Hansa and the others we chose the Hansa.  

Today, in its first trial, it fulfilled its promise admirably and feels and operates like a quality product.  Finally, it is made in New Zealand and made well.


Hi Martin, the C6 chipper arrived in Coromandel town as expected, and has been sited by many, wanting to know about what it can do,so much so that the local Coromandel school is asking for all the info about it.

I to, had the Rover mulcher/chipper for about 20 years, it worked  very well  but was underpowered and did jam many times but I sold it to someone who is pleased with it. After seeing your C6 chipper down at the fielddays in Hamilton sometime back I decided to go ahead with the purchase and what a thrill... Just a story, its so powerfull and easy to use, when I 1st started it and fed in some branches they came out of the chute and onto the trailer I had placed beside it AND off the trailer, over the drive and into the garden; its like a jet engine, but with a few adjustments to the chute it did its job so quickly and then the trailer was taken to the gardens for chip disposal, great NZ made product and will recomend Hansa product to anyone thinking about your chippers and products.  GO NEW ZEALAND MADE!


Michael Adams
Breakaway B&B
Coromandel Town



Hi Martin,

Just to let you know how pleased we are with the chipper - the performance has exceeded our expectations (and its been working overtime!).

Would be more than happy to recommend Hansa Products to any prespective customers.

Regards, Ken 

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my Hansa Brush Chipper C6.

I think a must for all small blocks.

It is doing perfect all the chipping and I am well pleased at the performances of it.

Thanks, Ben

I researched all the similar machines available: USA, Aussie & Chinese made. I went and saw them and made my decision based on the engineering design of the Hansa. The others above were shredders mulchers but what the C6 spits out is small enough and dosent need the additional process of shredding. I paid more for the C6 but its efficiency saves me time, which is money. It is the best thing I have ever bought, what would have taken me 4 to 5 hours with the masport mulcher I did in about 1.45 hours! Great machine, well done, clever Kiwi Engineering.

Regards, Donald

 Hi Martin,

I love the C4, it does exactly what it says on tin. I looked at many other manufacturers' chippers prior to settling on a new Hansa machine. Many of the competitor offerings were considerably less expensive but of far inferior design, build quality and finish. I particularly like the fact that my machine is fitted with a quality genuine Honda power plant, as opposed to a junk Chinese clone.  I am confident with proper care and maintenance, my new chipper will still be going strong when all of the so called "cheaper options" are long gone, sitting broken and unused at the back of peoples sheds and garages or have been scrapped.

Keep up the good work, it is recognised and appreciated.

Best regards, Peter


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