Waikato Business Excellence Awards Winner

Hansa Chippers - Proud winner of the 5 - 14 FTE (Full Time Equivalents) Westpac Waikato Business Excellence Award

Judges Comments:

 Hansa Chippers has a world class production line and high quality systems. They have an efficient manufacturing process and are continually making design improvements to their products.

There is a strong team culture and everyone has an opportunity to provide input into business improvement.

This business has come a long way in New Zealand and has a bright future as they begin to tap into international markets.


Article published in the Waikato Business News:

Hansa Products team all chipper with Wintec Award for Business Excellence

By Mike Blake


Hansa Products is a company that has been winning for years and at this year’s Westpac Waikato Business Excellence Awards took out the Wintec trophy for a business that employs five to 14 full-time employees.

Director Martin Vogel, son of founder Manfred Vogel was also a finalist for the prestigious Waikato Management School Leader of the Year Award.

Hansa has been beavering away for 32 years but in the last couple of years the team has focused on bringing its production facility and machines up to world standards.

Hansa Products ® manufactures a wide range of brush chippers to suit a variety of users from home gardeners to lifestyle block owners, orchardists, hire centres to arboriculture contractors.

Director Martin Vogel says: “We really needed to take some time to plan out the coming 10 years and feel we are now in a position to hit the world markets.”

Now Hansa’s machines are designed and manufactured in-house to maintain the highest quality standards,  and the factory boasts an ABB robot welder that is programmed offline. Design ideas are transformed into 3D models and the parts are placed virtually onto a 3D design jig.

Hansa’s design engineers say the parts and the jig are so accurate that very little adjustment on the shop floor is needed.

Hansa has invested in custom-made software tailored to New Zealand production. Their system was designed in house and design and systems engineer Toby Stone says: “In house software can be designed to promote growth and avoid admin overheads. The system manages our customer/supplier database, inventory, factory planning, inwards good/supplier review and outwards goods.”

In Hansa’s case the software had a payback of less than one year.

And, early next year, Hansa will be adding to its capabilities with its own powder coating facility aimed at reducing manufacturing times by five to seven working days.

Design & Development Engineer, Michael Priest says: “The new plant will enable us to robot weld in the morning, sand blast and powder coat during the preloading of the assembly area and by the afternoon have the production run of 18 C7s finished and ready for export, a process that would normally take up to seven days.”

Hansa’s design-led strategy and thirst for change means this is one local manufacturer that isn’t concerned about the competition copying their product.

 “We will keep pushing to stay the best,” is Hansa’s positive outlook.

Above (left to right): 

Michael Priest (Design & Development), Martin Vogel (Managing Director), Manfred Vogel (Director), Toby Stone (Design & Systems) at the awards dinner