Predator Stump Grinders

Hansa Chippers is proud to be the New Zealand distributor of the range of Predator Stump Grinders. Innovated in the UK to meet the tight access requirements of the local market the Predator range complements the treecare range of Hansa Chippers well.

If You need a stump grinder then you’ve come to the right place. Predator offer a wide range of tree stump grinders, both wheeled and tracked.

They are the narrowest stump grinders on the market for their power output.

Machines are designed from an operators perspective and draw upon many years of experience in the field to get it right. This ensures that when purchasing a Predator, you’re not only buying a quality machine but you’re also investing in a cost effective tree stump grinding solution that will help your profitability in many ways.

Predator machines have clean designs that break the mold in performance, style, reliability and compactness, really making the job easier than it has ever been.

 View the video below to see the range of Predator grinders in action!

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